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Roles of Automation and Electronic Computers in Production

There are so many inventions by "great men" that have been made since the existence of man on earth. Have you ever wondered how these inventors came to the idea of building the machines we make use of in the modern time?
The truth is that I sometimes became confused in the process of thinking how these “great brains” came to the idea of manufacturing the machines that have helped in solving organizational and societal problems.
What is automation? Automation can be defined as increasing mechanization of production or the use of machines in production. The importance of use of machines in solving organizational problems is numerous and all of them cannot be discussed under this topic. Whether small or large scale productions, automation plays great role in any of them.
Computer plays essential role in production processes. What is computer?  Can any establishment do without computer in the recent time? A computer can be seen as an electronic machine which receives data or information and translates it logically to give a final result or output in the form of information or signal. You are able to read this piece of information because computer plays part in its publication. Honestly, without computer, you cannot be able to read anything of this nature. This publication is made real because computer is used to type, edit and launched this write-up to the internet before you are able to read right now.

The roles of automation in production
Automation involves the use of more machines than human or manual labour. The use of automation in production of goods centres on the use of machines as the major producing means in organizations and industries. The functions of automation or machines in production are discussed below:
Increases output. Automation increases the amount of goods manufactured by companies. Unlike manual production which involves the use of manpower, automation increases the volume of products manufactured in organization. Taking juice manufacturing company for instance, what quantity of juice do you think the company can produce in a day if every production processes is conducted manually? That is to say that it can take about one to two hours before an individual can manufacture a bottle of juice. That product that is manufactured from one to two hours can be accomplished within few minutes when machine is used for the production. Can you see the gap between the range times? The power of machine cannot be underestimated when it comes to mass production of goods.  

Reduces unnecessary manual expenses. It is clear that the use of machines in production reduce some expenses which are not needed in production of industrial products. Instead of going from one market to the other picking human labours that will perform one function or the other during production, the use of machine has put a stop to such expenses.  With the help of automation, the expenses, energy spent and time wasted in picking the human labours are avoided.

Profitability: The use of machines for industrial production makes companies generate more profits from their production. When machines produce many products within a limited time, companies supply to those that demand for their products and make more profit in return. The more goods the company produces and supplies, the more money the company makes especially during celebration periods when more of the company’s goods is of higher demand. Do you think human labour can be able to produce the high quantity of goods at high demand?

Reduces repetitive task. With automation, repetitive task observed in industries that make use of manual labour in production becomes a history. The tradition of an employee filling five hundred bottles with chemical (for company that deals in chemical manufacturing) repetitively does not apply when machine is used. Filling such number over and over again can make workers tired and weak in their workplaces.

The Roles of Electronic Computers in Production
The necessities of computers in various areas make them to be used in many areas of life. There are many roles played by computers and these are written under this categorization.
Accuracy: computer gives accurate results when used in production processes. This function performed by computer is important as a lot of offices cannot do without it. The production of end of year account of companies is not written with hands but with the computer which gives more accurate reading. Again, before the production of certain materials like bolts and nuts, it is computer that is used to give the accurate dimensions of the bolts before their production.

Rapid Calculation: Calculations carried out through the computer does not take much time. Computer can sum, add, multiply and divided what can take man about three months in one second. The ability of computer to perform this outstanding function becomes one of the core reasons why many companies cannot do without it during production. Offices would not have meet up with their daily function without computer.
Neatness: In production departments, computers present data neatly without much stress. The neat presentation by computers makes data readable and prevents time wasted during production when information is being interpreted by the worker. Also, neatness of the work prevents data input errors as everything is made clear to “all and sundry”.

This passage discussed the roles of machines and computers in production processes. Justice is done to this topic as it was broken into subheadings for detailed understand by all persons. Note that automation and computers have many other roles they play which were not included.               

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