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Importance of Social Media

Since the emergence of social media networks, life has been made easier for the people all over the world. People feel comfortable to
chat with others and feel happy when they are depressed. United States of America had been among the top countries that make use of the internet and therefore hook more on social media network. What of the number of students that make use of the social media? Students round the world had been one of the top “shareholders” when social media is mentioned. The benefits in social media are numerous stating from marketing, educating, employing, banking and other sectors at large. This topic centres on the importance or benefits in social media network.

The Importance of Social Media
Since the advancement in technological development, social media sites have been taking the lead in all countries. No day passes without having millions of people networked to one another through these sites. The examples include Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkIn, and others. The importance of social media and they are discussed below:

Informative:  Social media has been a means of spreading information to those that make use of it. Gone are days when people move from place to place in search of newspapers for breaking news and other important news. Today, the news publishing companies bring the news to the doorsteps of the users of social media sites. An incident that happened three minutes ago gets dispersed through social media within a limited time. Newspaper companies create pages, like Facebook pages which make this information to easily get to the masses as soon as possible.

Information about happening things in schools environment is easily dispersed to students. Many departments have created Facebook pages where students know about what is going on in their departments or schools at large. It is no longer the time when the class representative or class prefect will say that he does not have any balance on his phone to call all the students belonging to his department. But with social media, once the message is dispersed in the group’s page, every student has access to go and read the information to learn what it is all about.       

Gone are those days when people who did not watch a particular football match of their choice wait for the next day for the information or news about the match to be given through the newspapers. With the help of social media, football lovers get immediate report about the match as it goes on. The live score is updated automatically through social media networks. In fact, social media is too informative.

Employment: Someone may be confused on how social media creates employment for people. It is not the fault of any reader who gets confused on this heading because what one knows is what he believes. Do you know how much money the owner of the social media site, Facebook, makes every day? Do you know his ranking among the richest youths in the world? The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was the second richest youth in the world in the year 2013. His employment is nothing but his social media site, Facebook. He earns his living from this site on daily basis. The question is: how does he make this money? He makes his money from merchants who advertise their products through his social media site.

Again, with the help of these social media sites, employments have been generated for many persons. Owners of these social media sites employ workers who work with them to provide “first class services” to the users. These workers are paid on weekly or monthly basis and their rewards is what keep them going from year to year. These sites have also created jobs for online article publishers. These publishers use these sites to promote their product throughout the world.

Entertainment: Social media is a great platform for entertainment and having of fun. People from different parts of the universe converge in social media to have fun and forget all their worries. When people are bored and come to the social media sites, they bounce back to their normal self because in one way or the other they may meet someone to make them happy.

What of the posts and pictures that people make on Facebook? Funny people like designing some pictures that will make the site users to feel happy when they view them. Take for instance if a particular president is not performing well through his leadership, some internet users who can draw and those that like designing can make fun the president by making a funny picture of the fellow. What of certain posts made by social media users? Someone who has been feeling sad for up to twenty minutes ago can all of a sudden start laughing immediately he logs into Facebook. The reason is because maybe he sets his eyes on a post she likes and that made him to start laughing.          

Marketing platform: Social media sites have been a good platform for merchants who run adverts for their products. This is notice mostly when the social media sites are browsed with higher internet devices. These devices showcase advertisement of some business owners who create awareness for people to know about their products and services. These adverts are usually displayed at the side bars, bottom, left and right sides when computer or other higher devices are used.   

These advertisements are designed to look attractive and catchy so that it can attract the attention of those that browse on the social media. Some of the goods displayed can be bought through the internet. When any user of the social media likes the advert that is displayed and clicks on it, he can automatically buy the goods through the internet if the advertiser offer online purchasing services.

Education: This point has a lot of things in it. Students are updated educationally through social media. A student who may be facing academic challenge can meet someone that will put him through by the use of social media. He may put down his problem on his post and other students that understand and know the solutions to the problems helps him get that solve once of for all.

There are many educational groups that offer educational services to students in need. Take for instance when a student is given an assignment on examples of jokes. He may search through Google and Bing search engines and do not see answer to the question. With social media, these questions of his get solved. There is a group in Google Plus called joke of the Day. When he gets to such group, he will see “bags” of joke and he then selects from many of the jokes displayed.

Also, many educational materials are displayed by advertisers through the social media. Students can see those ones they like and purchase them right away without stressing themselves by going to bookshops to buy. The only thing they need is to fill in the necessary information including their shipping addresses and the books are delivered to his or her destination.

Social media has done a lot of good to humans living on this planet. It is applicable in many areas of life. This write-up discussed the importance of social media; though the points are not the only importance of social media sites as the importance are numerous.      

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