Friday, 3 January 2014

Importance of Education


It is very necessary that any employee to be taken into any work environment should acquire education. . Education is the giving of instruction and teaching with the aim of changing the behavior of the one to be educated.
This is important as any with less or no education finds it difficult to be employed into any work environment or the job he gets gives him less salary.

I want to throw little light on the importance of education as the building block of any management. Imagine how it will be when the manager of any company is not well equipped with education, he will find it difficult in carrying out the daily activities of the company. What of if he is invited to a foreign country for managerial interactions with other top business officials? Do you think he can communicate effectively when he has no educational background? You and I need quality education to run any organization effectively. We cannot achieve anything great without quality education. So, if you are not well educated yet, you need it very seriously. That is why both job seekers and managers need education for there are many importance attributed to it.

Importance of Education to Management

Any country without education in this current world is doomed as the power of education in managerial function and other areas cannot be underestimated. Let me use United States of America for example, they attain high technological growth because they have educated citizens. Have you ever asked yourself why everybody wants to migrate to USA? One of the reasons is because education makes the country favorable platform for all. Its importance makes many workers to engage in part-time studies while they are working. The importance of education are but not limited to the following:
1.       Education makes one to easily adapt to any environment he finds himself. Undergoing through institutions of higher learning comprises of many challenges and this makes workers to be able to cope with any environment they find themselves at any particular place and time. I as a student know what I am passing through at the moment. I do not see it as a suffering because I know I am undergoing educational training to face tomorrow and adapt to any environment I find myself. You too need education to be trained on how to adapt. Education is training ground for people to easily adapt to any climate change or any part of the world they find themselves.

2.       Undergoing through education makes worker or yet to be educated to develop in language. Tertiary institutions comprises of people with diverse languages. People learn the language of another ethnic group from their places of study. In management, the learned languages enable the employer to easily communicate with another who is not from his region when he knows how to speak the language of the other. Again, the generally accepted language which is English language is taught in schools. I flow in English language because I am undergoing educational training in schools. What would have been my language communication status without solid education? After series of trainings in schools, workers and managements of different parts of the world can easily communicate with one another. 

3.       Education encourages moral development between employees and their managers. When one undergoes through educational trainings, he meets people of different traits. These traits he adapts with until his graduation and with this association, he learns good character from the students that display good ones. I cannot mention the entire moral I have learned through education. I am able learn more about moral association with people because of the benefit derived from education. You as an individual need good education to gain moral association with people in order to perform well when employed. Again, education does not train the students on how to read and write only, it also teaches moral to people. 

4.       Education leads to social developments and this has resulted to easy relationship between people of different continents. I will like to elaborate on this because many were caged in their homes and their time of freedom was when they got admitted into institutions of higher learning. I hope you understand what I am saying. When they came to the institutions, they learned how to socialize and relate with people. Since the development of education, globalization has been increasing from day to day. Today, people can make use of social media to communicate with others from other parts of the world and socialize with them. Some of these social media sites were created from the knowledge the persons in question obtained through education. Also, through education, people from different parts of the world come together and learn from one another.

I believe that I have done justice to this topic. I hope that you understood all the information that is dispersed through this topic. This book detailed out the importance of education in every work environment.  Education is the process of teaching students on how to read, write and act positively. It can be formal or informal education. Formal education is the type we receive from institutions of learning. Informal education is the kind of education we receive from our families. These two types of education must be combined together before somebody is called educated.

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