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Causes of Unemployment

What are the causes of unemployment. Unemployment has been the major problems that many nations have been facing. It is rampant in Africa. This bane in the life of many people has forced many persons to do what they initially did not want to do. 
The worst part is that many youths who have been experiencing this problem have been forced into doing things which endangers their lives and the lives of the masses. As a result of the problem, they get themselves involved into smoking, stealing, kidnapping and other social vices.

What is unemployment? What are the causes of unemployment? Unemployment is the state of being unemployed. It is a state whereby people who have the qualifications of being employed are not employed. This is what many countries have been applying many methods to conquer but seems as if nothing is working out in any way. The causes of this are traced to both the government and the citizens of all countries.

The Causes of Unemployment
According to Concise Oxford Dictionary, a cause is defined as something that gives rise to any action. So, based on this topic, causes of unemployment are things or actions that results to unemployment. The causes of unemployment in many nations of the world are lack of skill, government failure, poverty, lack of practical background and poor planning.

Lack of skill: Many citizens of many countries are lacking skill which is one of the more important things in every function that one does. Skill is needed in both the lives of the youths and the adults. It is a very important tool needed to achieve greatness in life. When someone is expert in a particular field, it is difficult to hear that “unemployment runs in his bloodstream”.

In some countries, unemployment is a thorn in the flesh of many because people do not acquire the needed skill. How can one hope to get a job in a welding company when he or she does not even know how to weld? If a person acquires a skill in a particular area, it will be difficult for him to be unemployed.   

It is hard to see a skillful someone who is unemployed. The reason is because the skill that the person acquired will always assist him to continue with his life activities. When people gain skill on technical works, mechanics, writing, website design, architectural drawing, card design and some others, it is hard to hear that the person begs for food. The reason is because he will always be busy with his function. Unlike who graduated from schools without any skill or experience, skill acquisition is capable of making you to feed your family and even extend your help to other persons.

An architectural drawing and technical skills are good and applicable in many areas of life. Architectural drawing for instance is of high demand in this present age. This had been made easier today with its computer installed software. Time had gone when people crack their brains to make the drawing. With the help of the installed software know as auto card it is much easier than before.

If the youths and adults who are having problems of unemployment carve out six months to undergo training in auto card, with the skill acquired from that training, they will earn their living and transform other people’s lives financially. It may look difficult to learn the skill but once it is learnt, it becomes part of the person. Technical skill like skill on how to repair electronics devices is also in high demand. There is no family in this present world that does not make use of electrical devices or equipment. Any person with this kind of skill hardly goes hungry because in every minute, an electrical device must develop fault. When this faulty device is taken to a technician, he charges the one that comes for repair and makes his money from there.  

Government failure: When the government who are to perform their functions by creating employment opportunities for those they govern do not do so, what do you expect? Governments who are to use the money generated by the country to build more industries for the citizenry does not take such good action. They are busy satisfying their selfish interest thereby neglecting the basic reasons why they are voted into the positions they find themselves. This is one of the reasons why there are massive unemployment rates in certain countries especially in African continent.

How many skill acquisition programmes are hosted for the masses by the government of their country each year? The most annoying thing is that those that are occupying leadership positions balance their families and relations financially, thereby leaving other persons to suffer till their death. When the government is able to organise and fund skill acquisition programmes for the masses, definitely the unemployment rate in these areas will reduce. With the acquired skills by those that are trained, they can make their livings from them. Again, those who have acquired these necessary skills can train other persons and with these series of trainings, unemployment will seize to be the talk of the moment in many countries of the world.

The government is the cause of unemployment in many rural areas because they do not empower them agriculturally. A good government looks into the people that he leads and thinks of how to solve their problems by creating employment even within the area that the citizens are living. Some unemployment in rural areas would have been a history if the government are able to supply loans and manure (example fertiliser) to those that base in that area. To whom much is given; much is expected. When government gives the necessary support to these rural occupants, they will be propelled to bring out higher products thereby taking agriculture as their employment. This becomes means of their earnings and they feel comfortable in life.  

Poverty: A poor man in any community is seen as an incapable man in that community. The truth is that a poor man may have in his mind to make many changes and impact to the society but where is the money? Poverty is a serious disease which anyone suffering from it feels very happy when he recovers from it. Yes, he fells happy because of many reasons. His reasons for the happiness may be because he will be able to achieve his dreams, pay some dues he had been owing a lot of people for a long time, can now feed himself and the family, is now recognised in the society and that he is now included among the respected men in the community. The reason behind his happiness when recovered could be so many but the just mentioned are just few. When one is free from poverty, he can achieve his goals in life because there is cash flow and he can apply them in the plans he made.   

A nation that is poor experiences unemployment because there will be no money to help the citizens. What one has is what he offers and what he does not have he will not give. In other words, you cannot give what you do not have. A nation that is “married” by poverty can be working hard to create employment for the citizens but cannot achieve anything when they are poor. This is how the unemployment in such nation will be growing from year-to-year because there is no fund to solve the problem.   

Lack of practical background: This applies mainly to unemployment among the graduates. Unemployment among graduates from universities and polytechnics can be because of inadequate use of practical when they were being taught in their universities and other institutions. This is what makes them to be half-baked and find it difficult to apply what they were taught in their institutions. Universities in many countries of the world are not well equipped with learning instruments that enhances practical knowledge. When there is low practical in the universities or polytechnics, the students will not be able to apply what they have been taught. With good practical background the students can start-up something when they graduate from their institutions.

When a student is taught practically, he then understands what is being taught to him and can start business or establishment of his own after graduation. This will make him give employment to the unemployed in the country. But when the reverse is the case, unemployment continues to have “its wings grow” on daily basis. When five graduates start manufacturing companies based on the experience they got when they were undergraduates and employ about ten persons in each of their companies, with time, unemployment will be reduced as other graduates do the same thing they did. Unemployment among citizens of Nigeria can be traced to the problem of education system of Nigeria.  

 Poor planning: Planning is very essential in the life of every living thing. Lower animals understand this importance and that is why they start planning on time. Ants for instance gather the foods they need when they are surplus so that they can have enough during the time of scarcity. Unemployment that many people are experiencing today is because of poor planning.

Taking government for instance, they are unable to solve the unemployment that their country is experiencing because of poor planning. When government makes rich and healthy planning, unemployment will seize to progress in the later years. A government that includes technical steps and ideas on how to combat unemployment in their communities will definitely win the battle without doubt.  

There are many people who were employed before but all of a sudden got sacked by their boss and became unemployed. This people began to search for employment from one office to another but did not secure any employment from any organization or company. If to say that the sacked workers planned themselves by saving enough money for their future, they would have use the saved money to start-up something and even employ the unemployed.

Justice has been done on this topic as it detailed out the causes of unemployment. Unemployment is bad and nobody prays to be unemployed; rather he prays to own establishment(s) and employ others. The causes of unemployment as discussed in this write-up are lack of skill, government failure, poverty, lack of practical background and poor planning.   


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