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Advantages of Planning

As a living human being on this planet, earth, you have to plan. Planning is very essential in every administration or organization
because it has many advantages attached to it. When you plan, the possibility of running into risk or setback will be low. Many businessmen and women who have been doing well in their businesses all of a sudden found themselves in the midst of the poor because they did not make good plan about their businesses.

Planning is one of the most important aspects of any administration. Planning is the process of preparing a set of decisions for action in the future directed at achieving goals by optimal means. It can also be defined as deciding in advance what to do, how to do it, and who to do it. Planning sets a pattern for other activities to follow. If a company owner wants to build more one company of his own in the next four years, he has to include it in his plan. When it is already included in his plan, he them works hard to see that the plan comes to accomplishment. When he plans for the company he will build in the years to come, he backs it up with effective strategy.

The Advantages of Planning 
The advantages of planning are numerous and effective in any organization or administration. The importance of planning makes wise management and business owners to include it first before carrying any further action in their establishments. The advantages of planning are reduction of uncertainty, acceptance inevitable change, nice framework, effective channel of communication, effective management, efficient control operation, diverse opportunities, and good decision making.  

Reduction of uncertainty: Planning permits the reduction of uncertainty through the anticipation of future events with probable limits. Planning makes administrations to prepare for anything that may affect the establishment. When the management plans by keeping some amount of money aside for solving issues, any uncertainty will not affect it much. When a business man for instance knows that he sales more of a particular goods than the other within a particular period, with the help of the planning he made, he can enter another business that will keep him earning. In an educational environment, planning helps teachers to answer when students demands their attention. She can decide to come to office earlier than before in order to do certain things because it is a must that many students must come within that period.

Acceptance inevitable change: With the help of planning, inevitable changes are made easy to handle. Taking dry and rainy seasons for instance, these two seasons are inevitable in the world. An administrative manager or a person who plans himself well can easily excel notwithstanding these two seasons. A company that makes more gain in the dry season can plan in such a way that the raining season will not affect it negatively. With the planning made, the company can change into production of goods that will be of high demand in the rainy season.

Students who find it difficult with coping with the much expenses encountered in tertiary institutions can plan themselves in a way that the inevitable occurrence will not affect them in the next academic year. The inevitable change in this example is that they must meet expenses once they resume their study. To accept this inevitable change, they start working on time while they are still on vacation to get the money they need in their next academic year. The money they made from their homes now keeps them comfortable as they have saved enough for their study. 

Nice framework: The word, framework, simply mean essential supporting. Planning supports administration and organizational activities. It provides a framework within which organizational objectives can be achieved through the administrator of any organization. Any objective that an organization has in mind in introduction or establishment of any organization can be accomplished when good plan was made.  

If Cambridge University for instance wants to produce about five thousand first class students in two years, they have to achieve this through the planning they made at the starting of each academic year. They work hard by being careful with the quality of lecturers they employ to lecture the students. Other things can be taken into consideration like the quality of machines that the students use during their practical, the nature of assignments given to them, the quality of practical background that the students engage in, and other factors.

Effective channel of communication: Planning in work areas or learning environments provides good channel of communication. It opens up multi-directional channels of communication. Communication is the process of sending and receiving of information. Through planning, this means of communication is made easy and there will be many channels available.

If an organization deals with a company for the supply of materials they need in running their administration, engaging in good planning can open more effective communication with other companies. The management of an administration can decide to make plan on how to communicate easily with other companies who can supply more of the materials they need in their administration. With planning, the internal communication that takes place in an organization can be widened.

Effective management: Management can be defined as the process of planning, organizing, controlling and directing the activities of any organization. It can be used in the place of a manager. The quality of management an organization receives is dependent on the plan made. Whether an organization will be properly or badly managed is dependent on the kind of planning made.

Planning provides a basis for evaluation of managerial performance through the hierarchy of objectives contained in the plan. A good manager who wants to effectively pilot the affairs of the organization he overseas makes good plan on the kind of employees that will work with him or her. This is what he or she must have been included in his or her plan. With the help of the planning, the management of the organization will be excellent.

Efficient control operation: Planning creates efficient environment for the control of operations in that the standards for control are derived from the objectives contained in the plans. With the help of plan made by the administrator of a particular organization, he controls the operation of the activities that go on in that organization.

Taking oil manufacturing organization for instance, the management of that organization takes good control of the organization by making good plans in the initial stage. He can decide to choose good assistant or vice and well trained security men. His assistance will always be carrying good functions whether he is around or not. With the function performed by his vice, he will not feel much stressed as the company is well controlled. Again, the well trained security men are positioned in strategic points to make sure that the company’s properties are properly secured.

Diverse opportunities: Any individual that plans himself is open to diverse opportunities. Think of study environment where many graduate without any job opportunities available for them. Any individual that plans himself in the initial stage by acquiring skills rather than only the theories taught in the schools will overcome these barriers. He can acquire skills that are applicable in his country which can make him extra money.

This system applies in organizations as well. Any organization with good planning have diverse opportunities that can help them in marketing most of their goods if the company deals in production processes. That may take the form of visiting some wholesalers or other companies that are in need of the products they manufacture. This is a step to having diverse opportunities by selling of most of their manufactured products as included in part of the company’s plan. When the plan is well made, the problem or lack of costumers will be a history; rather the company works hard to ensure that they meet up with the demand of the costumers.   

 Good decision-making: Planning enhances good decision. It helps administrations to make good decision that will guide their organization. Planning provides a framework for the decision-making process and leads to reduction of sub-optimal choice. When any organization plans well, it will help them to make good decision on how to render quality services to those that need them. With the help of this decision, it will be difficult for the organization to make silly mistakes in their decision.

Planning is of very good importance to both organizations and individuals. It has many advantages which all are not mentioned in this piece of write-up. The advantages of planning are also dependent on the environment that it is applied. The advantages as discussed in this piece are reduction of uncertainty, acceptance inevitable change, nice framework, effective channel of communication, effective management, efficient control operation, diverse opportunities, and good decision making. 

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