Saturday, 7 June 2014

ASUP and COEASU Strikes will Soon be called off

The Chairman of Governing councils colleges of Education, Emmanuel Nosike, said that the long on-going strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, ASUP, and Colleges of Education, COEASU will soon be called off in few days. Supervising minister of education, Wike, stated this yesterday while having meeting with Heads of Federal Tertiary Institutions to discuss challenges facing Public higher institutions in Nigeria. He said that it the right of tertiary institutions to appoint Vice- chancellors, Rectors and Provosts, and Federal government has no hand in the appointment. He said that the institutions are that of federal government and any who is qualified for any position should be appointed notwithstanding where the person comes from. He said that what is more important is to ensure good study environment that where one comes from does not matter. What matters are the qualifications and not location the persons come from. In addition to that, he stated that what is right is right and that there is no how polytechnics will be the same with universities in the sense of issuing degree certificates to graduates from polytechnics as done by universities.

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