Friday, 6 June 2014

Afghan Presidential Candidate Escaped Bomb Blasts

An Afghan presidential candidate,Mr Abdullah, escape a suicide bomb attack targeted at his convoy in Kabul as he was leaving an election gathering in a wedding hall. Abdullah Abdullah has his major opponent as Ashraf Ghani. Any who wins in the election that is no longer far from now becomes the president of Afghanistan. According to report by the police, few were killed in the suicide car bomb attacks. About three unlucky persons were killed including an Abdullah's body guard and at least 22 injured when two blasts hit a rally. The presidential candidate was not injured at all. Mr Abdullah and his co-aspiring president condemned the attack as it is inhumane act. The bomb blast was heard within the city as it exploded. On 14 of June, 2014, any of the contestants that has the highest votes becomes the president of Afghanistan.

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