Tuesday, 13 May 2014

2013 Top Ten Universities in the World

University is the highest academic institution in the world. It is a place where people go to learn skills and make further research on one particular field or the other. Because of the place called “university”, many have spent a lot of money to gain admission by bribing the top men in the institution. The sad news is that after bribing some lecturers in many universities, the aspiring university students are not admitted into universities of their choices.

The list of the top ten universities in the world for 2013 has been released. These universities make outstanding remarks in their infrastructure and categories of students identified in the institutions. The top ten universities in the world from the first to the tenth position are given below:
First: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) located in United States of America (USA);

Second: Harvard University which is also located in USA;

Third: University of Cambridge located in United Kingdom;

Fourth: University College London (UCL) found in United Kingdom;

Fifth: Imperial College London which finds its base in United Kingdom;

Sixth: University of Oxford, United Kingdom;

Seventh: Stanford University which is located in United States of America;

Eight: Yale University which is rooted in United States of America;

Ninth: University of Chicago, USA;

Tenth: California Institutes of Technology (Caltech), USA.


The lists of top ten universities in the world and their positions have been given in this piece. The question I want to ask is: are any of the universities found in your continent seen as one of the top ten? Do you think they will make it in time to come if they are not found?


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