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Importance of Computer

Since the advent of computer, it had done so many great and benefiting things to man. Today students do not stress themselves moving from one library to another when compared with how it
was happening in the past when computer is rarely found. But, what is computer?  According to concise Oxford Dictionary, computer is an electronic device which is capable of receiving data and performs a sequence of logical operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of program to produce a result in the form of information.

What department in the world of today does not make use of computer? Unlike the old Abacus which was also classified as computer, the real modern computer has multiple or series of functions it performs. In financial institutions, educational, agricultural, economical, leadership, production, engineering, surveying and other departments, computer has principal roles to play. In fact, the importance of computer cannot be overemphasized. The role of computer in the modern world when explained in detail cannot be accommodated in ten textbooks. Yes, that is the truth because almost everything happening in this life is computerized. If care is not taken, time shall come when the food we eat will also be computerized. Is that funny? That is the true talk because everywhere is now computer! Computer! Computer! Even a child born today needs computer notwithstanding that he does not even know how to handle it.

The Importance of computer
As written before, when there is detailed explanation on the importance of computer, it will not be contained in ten textbooks. The importance of computer is found in job creation, easy and accurate accounting, electronic transactions, educational help, globalization, production and in financial institutions.  

Job Creation: Computer has generated millions of jobs to the world at large. I wonder what those who earn from the help offered by computer would have done without it. Today people sit at the comfort of their zones and make money from their online written articles. Indeed, so many articles which are found online are monetized. If you are the type that search for information online with computer, you must have noticed that there are some websites that advertise people’s products. The company that place those advertisements pay the website owners. There are so many written articles today which are available on the internet, those that wrote these articles did not put them for charity purposes, rather they make their money through those article that are accessed through the internet.

There are many who train young men and women on computer skills. These persons have no other thing they do apart from the training they offer to the masses. They are paid either daily, weekly or monthly. With the money they make from rendering these services, they are able to train their family, ‘ride clean cars’, and enjoy life. All these and many more is what computer have done for us in the modern world.

What of those that design cards for occasions, run cyber café businesses, design posters, publish hard copy books, printing services, typing and photocopying and many other functions? Those that run these services have no other means of income apart from those works they do for people. Truly, computer has become the source of income to millions and billions of people that find their existence on the surface of this earth.

Easy and accurate accounting: Accounting is the integral part of every organization. Irrespective of how small any organization seems to be, accounting is needed. The point is on how fast these accounting processes will be concluded. Today, what would have taken about a month to sum, multiply and divide is now concluded within few seconds. Computer has the capacity of making calculations within the shortest time possible.

When it comes to accuracy level, computer keeps accurate record of data. Accuracy levels that computer keeps cannot be compared with any other device so far in the world. It is not only that computer keeps accurate results but has the ability of detecting any error during the calculation.    

Electronic transactions: It is not a new thing that computer with internet connections has the capacity of sending money from one particular bank to another. With computer, an account in Bank of America can send money to Century Bank at the comfort of his home. The world of today is different from those days when merchants carry money in bags moving from one shop to another to buy the goods they need to sell in their own shops. With the help of computer, these merchants can stay in their shops and transfer the money to the company they will purchase the goods from.

Students enjoy electronic transactions as they do not bother themselves from travelling a far distance to their various homes in order to get the money they need for their school fees and in settling other dues needed from them. This is one of the benefits why students leave their continent and move to another continent for their study. When they need money from their sponsors, they do not stress themselves by going back to their continents to get money from their parents or sponsor, rather the money they need are sent to them through electronic transfer which is made possible by the computer. 

Educational help: Computer plays important role in education sector. The educational institutions, students and everything that relates to education now receives help from computer.

Because of computer, a student can be in Nigeria and acquire a certificate from university located in the United States of America. This is made possible because of computer which is connected to the internet. Distance learning is growing from day-to-day and those that gain their certificate from it feel happy as the certificates are issued by the top universities. Any student that wants to acquire the certificate from any of these universities just needs cash and computer connected to the internet. The learning and other materials the student needs are sent to his destination through the internet. He has the timetable on when lectures begin and he sits in his comfort home to learn. Through the internet video learning, he learns like other students that are far from him.  

Globalization: This has to do with the process through which people operate on global scale. Computer has united people from different parts of the world and they ‘pear as if they were born by one parent’. With the help of computer, people meet other persons from different parts of the world.

What is happening on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and other social media networks in this current world? People make friends and receive help from others whom they do not know. With the help of their connection, one of them can travel to the country of the other he met on social media network, and can receive help from him because he is new in his area. Again, through this globalization, students get their problems solved from the friends he made through the social media.

Production: Computer plays very important role in production processed. Many manufacturing companies rely on computer in running their production services. Before certain products are brought into the market for people to buy, they were first designed through the computer. An example of this kind of product is cars. Before the modern cars are produced, they are first designed by the designing engineers before any physical production takes place. When these cars are well designed, the manufacturing process becomes easier as the dimensions and other measurements have been taken through the computer.

Financial institutions: No financial institution can do without computer. Computer is used by banks for documenting and running other bank activities. Could you imagine how customers’ information will be protected without computer? Computer made it possible for storing the information of bank customers where no insect can eat them. Also, computers are used by financial institutions in their daily transactions. With the help of these computers, bank functions are made easier by the operators.  

Computer is highly needed in the life of today. There have been daily growths in the number of businessmen and woman that deal in it because it is of high demand. The importance of computer as discussed in this topic is obtainable in job creation, easy and accurate accounting, electronic transactions, educational help, globalization, production and in financial institutions.    

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