Thursday, 26 December 2013

Iheanacho’s Move to Manchester City is under Probability

Kelechi Iheanacho's move to Manchester City Football Club is under probability as the club does not show great sign of seriousness. Iheanacho who played wonderfully well in 2013 Under 17 World Cup is now a hot cake as some football clubs want to have him play for them. He won the golden boot in the competition and helped his country, Nigeria, in winning the 2013 Under 17 world cup.

As it stands now, Kelechi may be moving to FC Porto as the club shows more concern for the young star to play for them. Notwithstanding the fact the Kelechi's father wants him to play in England, the young star may be playing with porto if the club continues with their zeal and pay the necessary cash required from them.    

Currently, Iheanacho had completed his medical assessment with hope of gaining a good position in Manchester City, but look of things show that Manchester city will not have him again. Why is Manchester City losing hope from signing Iheanacho into the club? The answer is because the club is having disagreement in paying all the bonuses and wages required of them.

Finally, FC Porto made a late move in signing the young talented footballer. Their signing will lead to payment of the bonuses and wages required from Manchester city which the club felt reluctant to do. The bonuses and wages include: £650,000 in bonuses, £250,000 transfer fee, £300,000 for the Taye Academy in Owerri, Nigeria; and £350,000 to James who is Iheanacho's father. Kelech is expected to be 18 years old before the cash is paid. This will delay his move to Porto as he reaches the age in 3rd of October 2014. As it stands, he may be joining Porto in 2015 if they show more concern in signing him by making all the payments required.    

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