Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Barcelona Scared of Manester City-Yaya Toure

Young talented footballer, Yaya Toure, from Republic of Côte d'Ivoire said Barcelona are scared of Manchester city which is the country he plays for at the moment. This young Ivorian has helped his football club achieve great result since he started playing for the team.
Last season, he performed exceptionally well to help his country clinched second position in English Premier League and a lot of fans like the way he plays due to his stability and experience. Yaya helped his team secure ticket to take part in Champions League.

Speaking to Sky Sport, Yaya Toure who came from the same country with Didier Drogba said “I am a lucky man to be in the right place because the club have brought in fantastic players”. Does it mean that Yaya is trying to say that his team will beat Barcelona because his brother did it for his former football club, Chelsea? Maybe he contacted Drogba on how to eliminate the Catalans from the list of Champions League competitors of 2013/ 2014. Is that funny? There is something that he  saw that made him to make such statement and his faith could make his team succeed unlike their poor performance last season.

Why the young Ivorian did said that his team will win Barca in the last 16 this current season of Champions league? Maybe he disclosed this because he once played for Barcelona Football club. Yaya Toure left the Catalans in the year 2010 to join Manchester City FC. Yaya’s morale may be because he once played for Barcelona. Do you think Manchester City can overpower the likes of Messi of  Argentina, Xavi, Inesta and others? Feel free to make your comments.  

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